A Complete Guide to Texas BowHunting

The reason why bow hunting is a sport loved by many is because it gives more pleasure than anything else in the world, especially for people who are archery enthusiasts.

Well, as far as I am concerned, bow hunting is not a sport, it is a hobby that I include in my curriculum vitae for potential employers to see. I am never ashamed of it!


However, bow hunting is not equal in all places around the world. Some destinations are more equal than others, and for me, Texas is the go-to place for anyone who wants to take this sport to a whole new level.


Texas bow hunting is an important event in my life. What I love about this place is that hitting the target is not easy, and whenever I am with my friends after a hectic day, very few of us will have pictures of their success. Most of us will say, “I was this close. But…”


Well, but you don’t just wake up from the comfort of your abode and decide to go for Texas bow hunting. Believe it or not, the biggest mistakes to proceed without an executable plan. Trust me – I have done that several times in the past, and I came home with nothing but regrets.


To help you get the best experience when bow hunting in Texas, I have put together this post that will act as a guide, and help you make informed decisions before taking your bow hunting trip to this amazing state – Texas. Read on!


Essentials you need to carry for bow hunting Texas expedition

Apart from your bow and arrows, there is a list of other things that you need to carry, which can come in handy when a hunt-ending equipment emergency hits you. These essentials include;

1.       Dental floss

Going by the name, you might be tempted to believe that you will need to carry a dental floss for your dental hygiene or something close to that. Well, not in this context! You can use dental floss make a temporary d-loop, do a cord replacement in your drop-away-rest, or better still, repair your bowstring serving.

For a fact, you cannot rely on the dental floss for a permanent fix when your hunting arsenals are broken, but it can help you make a few shots, and at least go home with a little notable success.

2.       Spare bowstring

There is nothing as embarrassing as aiming at the target, but when you are about to release the arrow, the bowstring breaks, your target escapes, and you go home with fatigue and nothing else. It has happened to me a few times in the past, but I swore it would never happen again when I realized I could carry a spare bowstring.

I know you will have to spend a few bucks to get a spare spring, but I can assure you it is worth every dime if you want to make a kill in Texas bow hunting.

But I would advise you to switch out the new string with the one already on your bow. Simply put, use the old string as your spare, and go for the hunt with the new one. Before you go for the hunt, make sure that the string silencers, d-loop, and peep kisser are secured in position, so that no extra work will be required when switching the strings in case one breaks.

3.       Allen keys

If you are looking for extra essentials that you should carry for Texas bow hunting, Allen keys should always be at the helm of your list.

Remember, everything on your bow, from major parts such as rests, limbs, quiver, and sights, to small things like the module all start and end with Allen keys.

Bolts hold these parts, and thanks to constant use, they are prone to getting loose. If you don’t tighten them…well, you know what will happen when you are about to get a perfect shot!

A set of Allen keys weighs a few grams. Head to your local archery shop as soon as you can, and get the perfect fit for your bow. They will contribute to giving you the best Texas bow hunting experience.

4.       Spare nocks

Although modern nocks are made strong and hard to break, you never know when a hunting-equipment emergency can occur. Therefore, stay safe and have three or four spare knocks in your toolbox, and they might come to your aid when you need them the most.

You can check for a damaged nock by pushing it side by side. In case there is a crack, you will be able to see it when the pressure is applied. This raises a red flag that you need to replace it if you want to continue with this fantastic archery sport.



Pro Tips on Texas Bowhunting

Although bow hunting is a rewarding way to hunt, even the most celebrated now hunters find it challenging, and your Texas bow hunting that you are so excited about will not be a stroll in the park.

When I first went bow hunting for the first time, I thought that it would be easier than gun-hunting which I had done for years, but to my surprise, it was one of the most challenging things I had done as a hunter.

Fortunately for you, I have outlined a few pro tips that will help you realize optimum success when you go for bow hunting in Texas as a beginner or an experienced and skilled expert.

*      Never forget hunting licenses

Whether you came for the first time for bow hunting in Texas, or you have been there before, you need to know that this is a state governed by the law. For this reason, if you want to have a smooth and flawless hunting experience, you have no option but to comply with the legal requirements.

When you get your licenses, keep them in a waterproof bag, or have a dedicated pocket, compartment, or license holder. Regardless of the option you choose, ensure you can produce these documents in good condition whenever authorities ask you to.

*      Get the right bow

Even if you have been bow hunting for decades, you will not be at the top of your game if you carry the wrong bow for Texas bow hunting.

Through my experience, I have come to learn that bows are not and will never be one-size-fits-all equipment. You should choose one that works best for you based on draw height, draw length, and the bow’s fit.

Also, you need to consider the game you are going for in Texas before you choose your bow. If your plan is to hunt small mammals, choose lighter bows. Nonetheless, if you will be hunting large animals, you will need a heavier bow. But make sure you check the legality of the bow you want to use in this state before you carry it with you.


*      If you are a beginner, tag along with an experienced hunter

The reason why I became a bow hunting professional is because when I started, I was never ashamed to go with professional hunters in all my expeditions.

As a newbie in the game, you will not have quite a good Texas bow hunting experience if you decide to go solo.

Talk to a professional, and request for his company. I used to network with experts, and whenever I was going for a mission, I would promise to pay all the bills for the entire period we were hunting. I spent a significant amount of money, but the immense knowledge and skills I gained from it were priceless.

This is a trick that will doubtlessly work for you when you go bow hunting in Texas. Professionals will not only provide you with the help you need, but they will also show you effective and safe hunting techniques that will help you in your future endeavors.


*      Stay safe!

Of course, Texas bow hunting involves hunting in the wild. Make sure you maintain a safe distance between you and your target and avoid injuries and casualties that may be brought by wild animals.

Apart from maintaining a safe distance with the animals, always wear a safety harness when hunting from a tree stand. In case you are hunting with your children, don’t rush to the hunting ground until you are sure everyone is fully dressed in safety gear.


Archery don’ts you should know before you go for Texas bow hunting

Now that you are ready to go for the Texas bow hunting excursion you have been looking forward to, below are some archery don’ts that should make an integral part of your rule book:

ü  Don’t aim your loaded bow to what you don’t want to kill

ü  Don’t dry-fire your bow. You might end up damaging the bow beyond repair or injure yourself when you do so

ü  Don’t shoot a cracked arrow. As you keep shooting, the crack will get bigger and eventually shutter

ü  Don’t heat a carbon arrow. It will get brittle, bulge, or get damaged

ü  Don’t shoot another hunters arrow until you are sure of its length and spine. Take this as a safety precaution!


With the above information at your disposal, there is no reason why you should not go for bow hunting in Texas and do what you do best!

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