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Archery hunting is a popular practice since time immemorial. Just that what bow hunting meant to previous civilization is not what it means for us now. For them, bow hunting was the major methods for hunting. Whereas, for us, it is majorly a sport.

A lot has changed since humans started shooting arrows with bows. It is easy to imagine how primitive the first people who used archery as their primary hunting technique were, but there is no denying the fact that the bow and arrow technology was brilliant.

Today our tools are more sophisticated since technology has come a long way. The materials used for making the bow and arrow has witnessed profound evolution. From lightwood and bamboo as predominant before to carbon fiber and aluminum nowadays, the strength and reach of the arrows has improved significantly.


Archery hunting requires some specific gears to get you started. Basically, to hunting using archery would require you to be skilled in using bows, arrows, and sights. However, other common accessories can make the life of a bow hunter easier. Here we take a quick run through some of the most common ones.

Hunting Arrows:

There are many types of hunting arrows to choose from if you ever decide to shoot. Classified according to the materials used, they include carbon, aluminum, and wood. Generally, what determines the best hunting arrows for you depends on the type of game you’re hunting.

Carbon arrows are the most popular type nowadays, and you can find a lot of varieties of them. The lightweight ones are good for hunting small-frame animals such as antelope and turkey.

Aluminum arrows are also popular. They were once the darling for hunters until carbon took over. They are generally heavier, which means they hit harder than lightweight carbon arrows.

Then we have the wood arrows which are a great hit with hunters shooting traditional equipment. One of the major characteristics of arrows is the spine weight, and the best wood arrows typically have small diameters and high spine weights.

Arrow Quivers:

Quivers are used for holding and carrying arrows while archery hunting. They can be gotten in a variety of shapes and sizes and made with several materials such as carbon fiber and plastics. They can be attached to the bow, or you can carry them on your body. For some people who don’t fancy the bow mounted quiver, the hip quiver which is clipped to a belt and worn around the waist is a good option.

Peep sights:

Simple or not, a peep sight is an important part of one’s bow setup. Its purpose is to align the bow’s front sight with its target properly. Proper alignment ensures consistency is achieved shot after shot.

Some newer products don’t have peep sights. They still utilize some alignment system to aid consistency of the shot but seek to eliminate the shortcomings associated with using a string-based peep sight.

Lighted Nocks:

The good thing about archery hunting is that it has gone through much development that new products are shipped out every day. Some make a big difference while others don’t.

Watching an arrow as it flies and hit the target is a difficult task. But most with the Nocks lighted, it becomes much easier. It makes it easier to follow the trajectory of the arrows and where it struck the target. And of course, with lighted nocks, there is simply no chance of losing your game!




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