Family Archery Outing, ages 15-75


`When you are seventy-five years old, you get a lot of challenges from the younger ones. They always think that they are better than you in everything.

My three sons, aged 45, 43, and 39 brought their family to the family ranch to spend their holidays with my seventy year old wife and me.

After dinner on the second day, we watched a game of archery on the TV. Then the grandkids begin to mouth off.

“I bet I can do that too,” one of them said as a lady hits the bull’s eye of a target.

“Me too,” another said.

Every one of them, including my sons, vowed that they could do it.

Then one of the grandsons said, “We can all do it, except grandpa.”

I looked at him and shook my head. “You are joking right?”

Apparently, he wasn’t the only one who believed it. All ten of them were so sure I was too old to get an arrow in a target. The oldest was 45, and the youngest was 15.

My wife and my three daughters-in-law were at the dining table, playing a kind of game. They laughed.

I have an idea,” my wife said. “Why don’t you guys go to Atkins Archery and check out the best in archery.”

“Good idea,” my first son said.

“Great, we go tomorrow,” I said. “I will make a call to Dave Atkins to prepare a place for us.”

What my wife didn’t tell my sons and grandsons was that I had been archery champion since I was a teenager. I left it when I had my first son and didn’t shoot again until a few weeks ago.”

“Grandpa is going down,” one of the grandsons said.

I smiled and didn’t say anything. I made a call to Dave and told him to get ready for us the next day.

The next day, the younger boys were up and about, excited too. We took three vehicles to the archery. I drove my truck with four of my grandsons with me. The rest, including my sons, shared the remaining two cars.

We got to the archery joint. Another fact unknown to my sons and grandsons was that I also co-owned the archery. Dave and I put down the money to create the place. I just let him be in charge to rest and be home with my home. Many people were already at the venue.

“So, grandpa, how you ever shot arrows before,” one of the grandsons asked as soon as we alighted.

“Yeah, I think,” I said.

“Must have been when you were a kid right, like eighty years ago or something,” another said.

I smiled. “If you so.”

“What do you know is about archery?” the third one asked.

“I know that it requires focus, control, determination, and precision. It also has a lot of health benefits. It can help you build strength, coordination, patience, self-confidence and it also helps you relax.”

I greeted Dave and introduced my grandsons to him. He already knew my sons.

“So,” Dave began, “I heard you guys want to challenge your grandfather. Are you sure that is a good idea?”

The boys laughed. “Don’t worry, sir, we won’t beat him too much,” one of them said.

“Okay. Here is how the game is played. There are three shooting ranges. In the first, the targets are just about 20 feet away. In the second range, the targets are 30 feet away, and in the last, the targets are 50 feet.

“So, how do you wish to begin? From the oldest to the youngest?”

One of the boys stepped forward. “Nah. Let grandpa come last so that he will step up his game when he sees s what the rest of us have shot.”

“Great,” Dave said. He gave everyone a bow and arrow each, and we moved to the first range.

The youngest of my grandson started first. He smiled at everyone, took a bow and pulled back the strings of the bow. He let loose, and the arrow flew into the sky. We all thought it would never land again, but it landed ten feet away from the target.

Everyone laughed while he sulked. He shook his head and walked away. For the next few minutes, none of the grandsons hit the target. Of all my sons, only my second son was able to hit just outside of the main target, and he got one point for that.

When it was my turn, I stood still, measured the necessary angles and the speed of the wind and let loose the arrow. It flew and hit hard right in the center of the target. My sons and grandsons could only look in surprise as others who had been watching the family competition cheer and clapped.

“There is an explanation for everything,” one of the grandsons said.

“Yeah,” another replied. “It was pure luck.”

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