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You want to shoot, but you don’t know what to do or how are archery tournaments scored? A lot of information can be confusing to figure out how these things work exactly. Generally, field archery and target archery are considered the most common kinds of the tournament. Let’s look at each of the tournaments and how they work.

Target Archery

Probably the most popular kind of archery is the target archery. You look at target archery whenever you watch archery tournament at the Olympic. In fact, target archery is the only category in the Olympics. In this tournament, players can shoot the target up to 90 meters distance using the traditional 10-rings and five-color target. Two bow styles comprise the international archery target: recurve and compound.

Compound athletes shot from the distance of 50 meters from the target while recurve players shot from 70 meters from the target. Athletes from both bow styles score 1 for the outer ring and 10 for the inner ring, with a traditional yellow, red, blue, black and white target. The diameter of the recurve target is 122 cm, and a diameter of its ten rings is 12.2 cm. On the other hand, the diameter compound target is 80 cm, and a diameter of 10 rings is 8 cm. Compound targets include only the yellow, red and blue rings in international competition.

It’s extremely important to listen to whistles for safety reasons when it blows during the tournament. All competitors are told to step into the fire line by two whistles. The archers are told that they can start shooting with a single whistle. Until all competitors have finished shooting, you may not move across the board. You can approach the target and find your arrows once you hear three whistles.


Individual Competition

Outdoor and indoor archery includes competition, teams, and teams at international events. World Archery also acknowledges a variety of rounds that are not used in international events or no longer supported at this level.

Let’s find how are archery tournaments scored in the individual competition. Athletes take a ranking or qualification round to determine the seeds in their division: gender and bow style. The ranking includes 60 indoor arrows or 72 outdoor arrows. The top seed is given to the athlete with the lowest seed in every division that finishes the most points. Athletes then progress to eliminations and the final matches in brackets — only the top 32 seeded athletes’ progress in the indoor competition. The 104 top seed sportsmen advance in the outdoor competition, whereas in the third round the top 8 seed sportsmen are automatically cast off.

Using the set system, recurve matches will be decided. Two points for each set of three arrows are awarded to athletes. In a three-arrow set, if the two athletes achieve the same result, the two receive one set. This game is won by the first sportsman to reach six points. Cumulative scoring is used to decide compound matches. In five ends of three arrows, athletes shoot 15 arrows. The top 15 athletes are the winner of the game. If there is a recurve match linked to five set points or a composite match linked to a total score, a single-arrow shoot off will determine the match.

The two recurring archers shoot a ten arrow, or the two archers shoot X10, then a further shooting is required, and the two archery members shoot the arrow closest to center. If there is no winner, the process is repeated until a winner is spotted. The removal brackets are advanced until the semifinals are shot by four athletes. The losers of the two semifinals compete in a bronze medal match while the losers of the two semifinals compete in the gold medal game of the tournament.



Team and mixed team competition and individual competitions are also possible at international events. Three sportsmen from the same division are part of the teams (at present, only outdoor archery includes mixed team competitions). It is usually the top three qualifying athletes, though team managers may choose to replace athletes. Two athletes of the same kind, one of each gender, make up mixed teams. He is usually the highest score athlete of any gender, but team managers can choose to replace sportspeople. Teams and mixed teams are seeded for disposal with the total of their respective athletes’ rankings.

Curious how are archery tournaments scored in team and mix team competition? Here it is! The set system is used to choose recurve teams and mixed team matches. Teams receive 2 set points for each set of 6 arrows (2 each), while mixed teams are awarded 2 set points for each set of 4 arrows (2 each). In a six-or four-wheel-set, both teams and mixed crews will get a set point. The match wins the first team or mixed team to achieve five fixed points. A cumulative score is used to determine the compound team and the mixed team matches. Teams are shooting 24 arrows in six arrows, the highest team of 24 arrows winning the match. Mixed teams are shooting 16 arrows at four ends, with a combined team of 16 arrows having the highest total.

If a recurve team or mixed team game is bound to the cumulative scoring in four-set spots or if the compound game is bound, then a shoot off is the match. An athlete shoots an arrow in a team or mixed team. The highest-ranking team wins the game. If no winner is to be chosen by the arrow of each team closest to the center, the second arrow is to be decided, followed by the third arrow. The process continues unless the winner is found.


Field Archery

Three bow styles, compound, recurve and barebow are recognized in the international field archery tournaments. There are two target faces, yellow and black. Athletes shoot one of these targets faces from 60 meters distance. Six points are for shooting inner yellow ring and five points for the outer yellow ring. All black four rings are scored as four to one respectively.

Shots can be played indoor or outdoor in the archery field tournament. The only difference is, in this type, you may need to shoot downhill or uphill or in any other direction. This additional challenge, which is partially covered at various distances, angles, and goals, makes field archery tournaments interesting than target archery. The goals may or may not be marked with the distance– so that the yard needs to be assessed by you. Often, due to its extra ability and talent, it is called fieldcraft.

Field archery is usually shot in small groups, and every time one takes turns to shoot. You walk outside and stop shooting every target along the way. In field archery, you will shoot at one of three different target types depending on which type of round you are shooting. It’s the three-round based tournament, field round, hunter round, and animal round, each with its own unique goals and score.



You must be thinking how archery tournaments are scored in individual competition in field archery? Coming straight to the point. Athletes shot 48 goals during two days of qualifying at the World Archery Field Championships. One day, 24 targets are defined at significant distances and one day 24 targets are defined at unidentified or unknown lengths. The recurve and compound athletes shoot three red flashes (most distant), and barebow players shoot three flashes with blue pegs (closer than recurve and compound athletes). The total of the 48-target qualifying round is classified by sportsmen and women. In each division, the top 16 athletes’ progress to the first round of elimination, with three arrows each shot at 12 marked targets.

Athletes are then placed on their first round of elimination for a total of 12 goals. The top 8 athletes in each division move on to the second round of elimination, shooting three arrows at eight market goals each. Athletes are then classified as a second eliminator in their8-target total. In each division, the top four athletes advance to the semifinals. In a bronze medal game, the two semi-final winner competed in the gold medal game, and the two semi-final winners decided who to win the match.

A shoot- off is chosen for attached matches. Every athlete shoots a single arrow, and the closest arrow to the middle wins. If there is no winner, it will continue until a winner is found.



The World Archery Field Championships include team competition as well as the individual competition. Teams include three athletes of the same kind: compound, recurve and barebow. It is usually the highest marker of any bowstyle, but team managers can choose to replace athletes. Teams are seeded with the total of their individual athletes’ rankings for their elimination, and the contest starts with the quarter-final match. Each division’s top eight seed teams will take the eight matches, three arrows per target, and one arrow per archer per target, head-to-head quarter-final.

Every quarter-final’s winning teams progress to the semi-finals. A bronze medal match will be held for two semi-final losers, while the two semifinal winners will decide who to win in the gold medal match. The matches and medals are four marked targets, three arrows per target and one arrow per target. Cumulative score matches are decided. In a shoot-off, tie matches will be chosen. One arrow is shot by every athlete in the team. The match is won by the team with the arrow nearest to the center. If there is no winner with the arrow of each team nearest the center, then the second next arrow is decided, and the third array is decided.

Are you still confused about how archery tournaments are scored? Let us know in the comment section if you want you to have any query. Till then, best of luck for the archery tournament!

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