Hunger Games Movie Interested in Archery

Saturday is the day of the week when I am usually able to do whatever I want because it is my free time. It is time when I usually get to spend extra hours in my private gym instead of the usual one hour I usually get during the working days every morning before going to work.

On Saturday, I decided to change my schedule. Usually, I would go with my friends to a paintball game where we would play paintball for hours, sometimes playing twice or thrice in a day. It was usually an enjoyable endeavor. This time, I invited over my younger brother, Denis and his girlfriend, Chloe. Both of them also had free time like I did.

When I invited them over, I didn’t have an idea of what we could do; I just figured that we would think about something to do. I thought maybe we could use the pool in my house, swim, relax, have some wine and chat about anything. My girlfriend was studying in Spain, so I didn’t have anyone to chat with. I was determined not to go to the paintball arena.

When Denis and his girlfriend arrived, we chatted about everything going on in our lives and then I asked them what other things we could do.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Chloe suggested.

“Which one?” I asked.

“Let me check online.” She brought out her phone and pressed some buttons. “Okay, we have White House Down, Aquaman, Hunger Games, uh…”

“Hunger Games?” I asked.

“Yeah. There are four of them in series, and a lot of people love them,” she said.

“Let’s watch them,” Denis said.

I agreed also, and we set about ordering the videos online and in a few hours, we were sitting in front of the TV, popcorn in hand and watching the movie. It was surprisingly great, with wonderful actors and actresses, especially the heroine of the movie. It was the story of a lady and other players who had to compete for survival and fight to the death until there is only one survivor.

Apart from the storyline, one other thing that interested me was the use of bows and arrows by the characters, especially the main characters. There were several scenarios in which the bow and arrows saved her life and that of her friends.

After the movie, I became more interested in archery. I hadn’t had much experience with the sport as the little I had seen about it was in the movies or sports competitions. I did some research and found out where I could begin archery training. I decided to make archery a hobby.

I visited the center where archery as a sport was taken seriously. I registered, and I began my training there. When the trainer asked me what built my interest in archery and I told him about the movie, he didn’t think I was weird or anything. It turned out that he loved the movie also and we chatted about it, talking about many of the things that occurred in the movie.

After I had visited the training center for two days straight, I learned about the surprising benefits of archery, and I was glad that I chose it as a hobby. The benefits would be very helpful in other endeavors that I partake in, even in my work.

Some of the benefits include focus. When you are focused, you forget and ignore all distractions and concentrate on whatever you are trying to achieve. It is also a great help for when you are in situations that involve high pressures.

I also realized that my coordination was enhanced.

Coordination requires the brain to work together with the muscles used in shooting arrows and hitting the target. There were other people with me in the place, and we all held our bows and faced some targets that were placed a few feet away.

Whenever I want to hit a target, I would mentally remember Katniss in the Hunger Games movie, remember how she stood and how she fired at whatever she wanted to shoot at, and then I would shoot. It took me a week before I started hitting the targets regularly.

The hobby became a form of exercise for me since I had to walk around, work on my upper body as I tried to shoot and generally burn a lot of calories. My arms, chest, shoulders, and hands also became more strengthened. My confidence grew, and I begin to enjoy myself.

The focus that I built up in the archery training helped a lot in the paintball games with my friends. Usually, the team I am in is always on the losing side as most of us are usually shot before the game has even started fully.

Things changed though as I saw my paintball gun as an arrow and then with my enhanced focus, I was able to lead my team in winning a paintball game, a situation that surprised everyone. They asked me the secret, but I cheekily told them that I had learned from the Hunger Game movie. They never understood.

If I had the chance to leave work every day just so that I could go and shoot some arrows, I would take the chances because shooting the arrows suddenly became a hobby that I couldn’t do without.

Sometimes I would invite my brother and his girlfriend. The more they went to the range with me, the more they like the hobby too. When I told them that I was inspired by the Hunger Games movie, they became more interested and followed me often.

Gradually, I became an expert shot to the extent that whatever shot I took was always accurate and I rarely missed. The instructor said I was ready to move to the next stage which was shooting under the influence of a distraction.

He played really loud music that was enough to distract anyone under normal circumstances but I still never missed. The instructor even said I was ready to go Pro.

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