I Learned some Archery Trick Shots with Practice

Mum and dad had left for work that morning, leaving me at home by myself. It was summer break. Billy called to tell me he would be coming over to my house for the new game we had discovered, ‘Archery Skills.’ When he got to my house, I hurriedly ran to the fridge to get some cheese to eat before we get the game on the way. And we did play it till we were exhausted; it was so much fun.

Billy and I are classmates in school and neighbors as well. Billy’s mom and my mom do not get along so well. Many a time, his mum will scold him for coming over to our house, and I wouldn’t like to go over his whenever his mom was around too. However, that didn’t stop our friendship. I remember how our moms’ fight started. It was some years back, during a neighborhood party, Billy’s mom accused my mom of sabotaging her from hosting that year’s neighborhood party which my mom knew nothing about.

Ever since they had been on separate pages. Neighborhood party was like a carnival which no one would want to miss hosting. Everyone in the neighborhood would gather and have fun. Billy and I always planned towards this event every year. It was my family’s turn to host this year, and mom had been planning way ahead to a successful outing of this carnival. It was always a great time for all the kids too

After so many rounds of the game, Billy and I fell in love with this new game, and we felt like having a real feeling of the game. So, we went to this big store in the neighborhood to get a bow and an arrow. The shopkeeper felt reluctant selling these stuff to two teenagers. After much plea and conviction, he sold for us. The shopkeeper told us that shooting arrows and plucking strings wasn’t just for fun. Archery has a rich history when it comes to hunting. Today, we do it mostly for sport, but it wasn’t that long-ago that archery was more than a shooting sport; it was a means for survival.

So, he showed us different types of bow and arrows with different colors; they were beautiful. Billy and I were happy going home rejoicing. We got a new live sport-game to play.

When we got home, we set up some target, and we started aiming and shooting, it was harder than we thought.

Billy came up with this idea that we should check up some stuff on the internet. I logged on to our home computer, and we surfed the internet. We found some cool tips on how to master the skill of shooting an arrow. We found out that bows and arrows have been important tools for hunting and warfare for as long as humans existed, although archery equipment has advanced significantly over the last several millennia, the act of shooting a bow whether it’s a medieval longbow or a modern compound has remained constant.

We discovered that shooting bow and arrow was easy if we followed some tips like develop Intense focus and concentration, gain clarity of mind, flex your patience muscle, improve coordination and balance, build physical strength, boost physical strength and stability, boost distance judging abilities, aim small, miss small, meet like-minded people, become a hunter, discipline, and stick-with-it-ness. These rules were somehow difficult to know, but Billy and I kept practicing for fun, and it was cool. Mom stopped by from work and found Billy and I playing with bow and arrow. She wasn’t cool with it, and she felt we were going to hurt ourselves with it.

After a couple of days, dad told me we would be going camping before resumption back to school. I was excited. I told Billy and my other friends. My dad was a very busy man and rarely had time to go on such vacation. I was happy hearing this from him, and I knew he always kept to his words.

I knew while in the woods, dad and I would go hunting, so Billy and I intensified our practice. It was getting more serious, and we were learning.

In the beginning, I remembered my first shot. I almost hit the vase mom kept in the balcony, which would have been the end of my archery skill practice. As the time approached, we kept practicing and getting better

It was close to the end of the summer holiday. Dad, mom and I decided to go on the camping. I really felt Billy could follow us, but his mum wouldn’t allow him. While coming, I hid my bow and arrow in my luggage because mom wouldn’t approve. The wood was a cool place, the natural setting, and perfect atmosphere. Mum came along with enough food for us, while mummy was making the meal, dad and I were setting our tent for the night.

The next afternoon, dad and I went hunting, I have always dreamt of hunting. My other friends from school would tell me how cool it is in the woods.

In the woods, while hunting, dad had gone far ahead of me chasing a rabbit. Unknown to him, I was faced with a deer, and I was scared. I ran towards safety with my bow on my back and my arrows in my hand. It was a tough scenario. As I was running, I remembered my archery trick shots; I stayed calm and hid behind a tree, set my bow and arrow and aimed for the deer.

With high concentration and a long stretch, I pulled the bow and released the arrow “Wow.” I got it, and the deer was down. I screamed “Dad!” He came with the rabbit in his hands. It was my first shot at a real target I said as he came and embraced me. He was so happy that I was safe first, and that my bow was handy, protecting and providing meat for us.

I learned more archery trick shots in the woods before we left the camp and my dad helped me in training. A great experience it was for me after all

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