My Hunting Trip in Alaska


I got hired, hired to hunt down this creature in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s claimed this creature has been causing torment, raving the limited farmland and stock in the area, as if Mother Nature already didn’t contribute enough with the freezing temperatures, deadly snowfall, briskly chilled winds which drops the temperature far below livable temperatures.


They’ve said they saw it in the woods, hunting nearby, waiting for nightfall to hunt and destroy and survive. They’ve told me they’ve shot at it, and the bullets went through and it can’t die.


Little do they know, though, it takes an arrow to pierce the skin of these so-called mythical beasts of Alaska. I’ve been doing this all my life, and I’m the only one that can stop it.


My bow is unique, one of a kind, similar to a Ravin, but I’ve made this on my own to help with the sniping. I’ve infused my arrows with the chemicals of the poison dart frog, box jellyfish, and lily of the valley plants, strong enough to kill anything it comes in contact with, even these mythical creatures of Alaska.


I got the call three days ago to come here and scope out its habitat; its maneuvers; its hunting grounds. I’ve seen some tracks but nothing that absolutely convinces me that it has been around. I spent the time hiding in trees, hiding beneath the snow, but have found nothing.


I even brought spare, un-poisoned arrows to hunt any other animal I felt I would want to hunt while searching for this mythical creature. During that time, I killed two wolves, one elk, and a strange, non-hibernating bear. Then everything got quiet. There was nothing, no birds, no wolves, coyotes, nothing. The nights grew long, but I was lucky to have my night vision goggles to better scope out things in the dark.


I’ve been here for five days straight, and now I’m here, waiting for this creature and I think I’ve found it.

Finally. I found it.

The shape of the creature it looks like a dog, but it’s hairless, the naked body of a dog is hideous. It’s slightly larger, grotesque in size, muscles, and from what I can see its feet are covered in fur. The only thing this creature has, besides a disgusting body, fangs larger than bears, is fur on its feet.

At this moment, the moon is shining, and it causes too much light it blinds my night vision goggles. I take them off, focus my aim, grab the poisoned arrow from my quiver, steady, and I see it’s eyes. It sees me. It doesn’t move. It blinks twice, and on the third blink, my stomach churns. It hurts, but I shoot, as the arrow is released from the bow, I find myself staring at this creature’s eyes and with a subtle, red glow, I’ve been transported.

As if this transport took me to space, I see nothing but blackness around, then quickly configured with celestial beings: gaseous planets emitting the most beautiful colors, quasars. I travel through this and flow and flow through life seeing when I was child, practicing my bows and arrows with targets, then shooting small animals as I got older, then getting paid to hunt wolves, bears, and other large animals threatening the nearby stock of the given territory, then my ex-wife and our child, how they left me due to the hardship of my profession, always gone, never knowing if I would make it home, and I see them disappear into the snow, and my heart longs for what I had, what I’ll never have again.

My eyes begin to water, and I’m crying. Within a second, the creature’s … body is above me, and its eyes are glaring at me, hypnotizing me guiding me, and I see somehow, through all this celestial magnificence, the arrow flowing through it and in that same very second, I feel a jolt lunge through my chest. I blink, gasping for air and I finally open my eyes.

With a jolt of pain in my chest, I see a large tree branch lodge through, covered in my own blood. The bow is next to me lying there, then as I fight the blurriness of the water in my eyes, the unconsciousness coming at me unexpectedly, I see my poisoned arrows protruding through my arms, stomach, and chest, as I notice the creature in the distance, and I have swapped positions, and its eyes are still penetrating mine and the arrow I once shot at it was now coming at me, aimed perfectly at my face because I never miss when I aim my bow.

It’s this moment I realize I will never survive this moment; this mythical creature is that but only a one-way transport to hell. I’m in hell. This is hell. All the pain I ever caused on the sacred animals, hunting for money, for pleasure, for no other reason besides money in my pocket with no care for the animal or its spirit, and I took this job to hunt the one animal that’s been here on Earth meant to give all hunters like me the chance of a lifetime to fight it, win it, collect the prize, but nobody knows it like I know it now: it will kill everyone and everything that possesses what I possessed – emptiness and shallowness.

The arrow comes closer to my head, and I hear a disembodied voice, a growl, which I somehow translate, unknowing how:

Greed, evil creates the death you’ve begun. The poison enters your skin, and you shake, then the arrow will penetrate, and you’ll see the opportunity of love, life, bliss, then only pain.”

The creature fades. The arrow is so narrow I cannot see it any longer, and then the pressure of a sharp object enters my head. I feel it jolt back, and then, exactly as the creature described. The pain, and only pain, and I know I’ll never leave this.

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