My Shooting Arrows Splits Apples in Two


The arrow whizzed past my head and impaled the red apple just ahead. Its flinted stone head which was sharper than a weaver’s loom was by now buried deep inside the apple.

“Jeez! That was a terrific shot Jerry” I gasped still looking at the apple.

“I told you I was a better archer Nancy” Jerry grunted in reply picking out two more arrows from the quiver which was on the table.

“I totally agree with you,” I said tucking away a lock of red hair behind my ear, “but you don’t have to be so loud and haughty about it.”

“I ought to be” was the simple reply he gave me, this time I could see that he intended shooting two arrows at the same time into one apple.

His blonde hair was matted to his head, probably from the perspiration that had been generated by the heat emanating from the blinding sun.

It was almost 1:00pm, and the sun was damn set and high up in the sky, Jerry had however insisted on having his archery practice at the backyard of our little ramshackle house in Southside Shade.

Jerry’s my husband, we had only recently gotten married about a year ago, and boy; he was good-looking, but that was only the starting-point of his extraordinary features; he also had a near perfect aim.

Jerry stood back, arching his back, the string attached to bow was fully drawn back; I almost thought that it was going to even snap in two, but it didn’t.

I could see that he was aiming perfectly, his fingers were on the fletchings of the double arrows, as he steadied his arm and sent both arrows flying.

Due to the impact of the arrows, the apple got split in two, and Jerry nodded satisfied.

“Did you see that Nancy? Now, that’s why I have to go for that Archery competition next year” he noted thoughtfully.

“It won’t make much difference” I chipped in, I had been on his neck to teach me how to shoot the arrows, but he had always refused vehemently; stating that archery wasn’t a sport for females.

“Why wouldn’t it? I bet I’ll be given a laurel for even participating in the event” Jerry replied.

I smiled a bit and shook my head in the negative, “It won’t make much of a difference if you win anything either if you can’t teach someone something, it simply means you’re not as great at it as you think.”

Jerry stared at me rather astonished, then almost immediately, I could see a glimmer of understanding flood up his face as his eyes grew wide with shock, “It won’t work Nancy, I’m not teaching you archery” he said.

“Then I’ll as well find someone to teach me, and I can’t have you shooting apples all summer while I just sit back watching you” I replied.

“But why the hell would you wanna learn archery? It’s a dangerous sport! Besides if you don’t aim well, you could hurt someone” he sounded quite exasperated, but I wasn’t even ready to budge just yet.

“Because I just wish to, we get to learn new things every day, so are you teaching me or not?” I asked pointedly.

Jerry only sighed heavily and shook his head, and he knew I was going to have my way anyway, I always do.

“Don’t just sigh and mope at me, if you don’t teach me, I’ll sign up for it at the Sports Center on Allyson’s Groove, and that’d be a real shame” I blurted out sarcastically.

“Okay… Okay… You win, but don’t say I didn’t warn you” he said throwing up his hands in resignation.

I clapped my hands gleefully and wrapped myself around him, “Thanks Jerry, you’re not the best” I kissed him at the side of his mouth, and he tickled my sides making me laugh out loud.


The very next day found me wearing a brace and trying to hold the bow, just like Jerry had taught me, the sun was hidden behind one of the clouds, and I was trying to keep a steady aim on the target just ahead.

“Now, keep your eyes on the target board Nans, don’t lose your focus, you’re aiming for bull’s eye and that’s it” Jerry paused and whispered in my ear, “Think of it that you’re about hunting down a deer you’ve been chasing all morning and you have this opening” he wrapped his hand around me and helped steady my aim.

My eyes were starting to get quite teary, and I had never had to focus so hard on something before in my life, I looked on at the target board and arched my back just as Jerry had instructed.

“Good, that’s it Nans… That’s it” Jerry encouraged.

My right thumb must have slipped on the fletching because I sent the arrow flying haphazardly, it lunged forward and impaled the upper part of the tree, not even anywhere close to the target board.

I groaned angrily, that was actually the fourth arrow I had missed that morning, I whirled around to find Jerry smiling at me, “I know you’re enjoying this, but I won’t give up” I announced defiantly.

Jerry grinned, “Well, I never said that you should but I told you it was hard, and now that you’re having a go at it; you’re getting all buzzed up.”

“I’m not buzzed up” I shot back at him angrily, “Never just knew it took so much concentration.”

He moved closer to me and put his hand around my waist, “Not to worry babe, you’ll hit the target soon, practice makes perfect right?”

“I guess so” I muttered snuggling up close to him, I was determined not to give up though, and I was going to hit that damned bull’s eye no matter what it would take, perhaps not today again, I was so frigging tired and my back was aching for a good massage.

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