Weekend Fun Shooting Arrows

The weekend is great for many reasons: fun outdoor stuff and fun indoor stuff, depending on the kind of person you are. You get a little break from the routine that is life, and you get to do something that you love. For me, it’s archery. Shooting stuff, of course, that’ll be fun. I only just discovered the sport a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been doing it every day ever since.

Sure, I’m no hardcore archer or Robin Hood, but I’m a pretty decent shooter. My instructor even called me a natural, even though that led to me missing a couple of targets. I find the sport soothing in a way, you know, like a metaphorical way of letting out your stress through shooting stuff, sounds about right.

Anyway, as I said, the weekends are great; and this weekend is going to be just as awesome, just as the past couple of weekends have been. I got up pretty early, not because I was excited or anything…okay, maybe I was—my daily life, from Monday to Friday, is hell; trust me when I say I need this release.

I usually do a morning run around five-thirty, so I was already outside enjoying the cool, dewy morning air as I jogged down the quiet street, which was quite slopy. When I got back home, an hour later, I felt refreshed, albeit out of breath and stuff.

It was straight to the showers for me; the faster I cleared my morning routine, the faster I’d be able to do some shooting. It was, to me, like diving into a fantasy world where one was a different person from who they are in real life, with me being an archer—don’t tell me you’ve never had fun activities planned which made you all excited.

Let me tell you a little about how archery came into my life. It was on the weekend, obviously, and I got invited to a recreational park by one of my lady friends (my friend who happens to be a lady). Prior to that, I usually just saw a movie, or read a book which usually ended up with me sleeping, or just doing nothing entirely.

“You need to go out more often,” she told me. No duh, I thought.

“Yeah, trust me, I know that. I used to be a fun kid, you know, then I grew up, and life slapped its palm on my face.” That was what I told her.

“Weirdly poetic,” she replied. “Come on, and I got a place I think you’ll love.”

And that was it. Everybody sure did have something they were doing. I’d never have gone for archery on my own, believe me, but then my friend—her name’s Angie, by the way—showed me and boy did it look fun.

Granted, I was very awkward at first when I got handed a bow, but how hard could it be? Everyone has seen Robin Hood, after all.

Yeah, it wasn’t that easy, but I soon got the hang of it. The thrill of seeing my arrow stick to the target, even though it was at the very edge, was it eventually fell off a second later, was ecstatic. I registered, and now I go there as much as I can. Again, as I said, it’s a form of release for me.

My weekend kick-started, as far as I was concerned, the moment I got to the archery range. Maybe you don’t fully understand why this is so much of a big deal; let’s just put my reasons aside and just side, archery is freaking fun. That’s about it; anyone who loves shooting stuff—which is everyone, by the way—will love picking up a bow, sticking an arrow through it and shooting at targets.

I know there are times when I imagined myself as a superhero, carrying my bow and shooting at criminals (I don’t know if that already exists, don’t look at me); it may be crazy, but it’s damn fun. So, Angie and I got to the range and we both got our bows.

“This is gonna be fun,” I said to her, and she agreed with a nod and a casual shrug.

“Why do I have the feeling that I’m more excited about this than you are?” I asked.

“Because you are, trust me,” Angie replied. “Seriously, if I’d known this thing would make you so happy, I would have introduced you to it years ago.”

“You’ve known about this for years?” I asked, surprised.

“Uh, everyone who watches the Olympics has known about this sport.”

“I see. Well, let’s shoot some targets. I think I’m getting good at this.”

“There’s no doubt about that,” Angie said.

It’s pretty easy to think that it’s no hard to pull an arrow on a bow, but it’s quite tricky. I didn’t become perfect on the first day after all; I’m not perfect now. But perfection isn’t actually what the whole thing is about; we have fun, and that’s the main thing.

Angie laughed as I started shooting at the targets; I didn’t suck, so that’s a good thing. Although some of the arrows completely missed the target, while some stuck close to the middle. I posted close to the targets and got my pictures taken with my bow in hand and the arrows I’d shot. It was great fun, trust me, and that has turned out to be something I always look forward to on most weekends.

So, in the end, the weekend turned out fantastic, and I can tell you that I’ll keep coming every weekend, or at least on the weekends when I wasn’t all caught up with something important. That’s how I got to love archery, and it has so far become my favorite sports. Oh, and I made a mental note to tune in to the next Olympics, perhaps I can see how those professionals do it.

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